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Nitecore Intellicharger NEW i2

Nitecore Intellicharger NEW i2




Instock at Vapor Australia $24.95

The Intellicharger NEW i2, an upgraded edition of the i2, is a charger with compatiblity, efficiency and intelligence.

It works with almost all types of rechargeable batteries, including but not limited to 18650 batteries. The NEW i2 is able to charge batteries twice as fast as the i2 (up to 1A).  With the Active Current Distribution (ACD) Technology, the NEW i2 automatically identifies battery types and capacity, and applies an appropriate charging curent based on automatic detection or manual setting.  It can even resore our depleted IMR battery.  Additionally yellow and red power/charging status indicator lights could visibly indicate battery status and charging process.  

It's as simple as insert, detect, and charge!



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