About Us

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team who have kicked the evil habit of smoking. Based in the North Western suburbs of Sydney Australia.

Where we came from

In 2013, we were both about a 'pack a day' smokers.  With the price of cigarettes escalating and our health deteriorating, we both turned to the various smoking cessation alternatives out there to no avail.  Nothing seemed to give that same satisfying feeling that you have when you take a drag of a cigarette, coupled with that little rush of nicotine.  On a holiday to the United States, it was by chance that we came across a little vending booth selling pen style electronic cigarettes.  On a whim, we purchased one and gave it a shot.  After that first inhale, we were sold! We threw away our smokes and never looked back.  Since then, we have advocated to friends and family about the benefits we felt from making the switch.  What surprised us the most was that there simply wasn’t enough information out there to help smokers decide whether e cigarettes were a viable option.  After years of research, reading various studies both for and against vaping, we made the decision to open up an online store to firstly share what we have learnt, and to assist smokers in the transition from smoking to vaping.  With literally thousands or e cigarette devices and e liquids out there it is a daunting experience for a would be ex smoker to take the plunge.

Where we are going

Our goal is to make the transition period as simple and easy as possible.  We promise to supply quality devices and juices, coupled with carefully considered advice in order to take the worry out of making the switch.

At Vapor Australia, we want you to break the habit without breaking the budget.

So where do you start?

We know what its like to be on the outside of the vaping world looking in.  Its daunting to say the least.  With literally thousands of devices out there to choose from, its no wonder the average smoker would find it easier to reach for a packet of cigarettes rather than troll the internet to find out which device and which juice might be the right fit for them.

Here at Vapor Australia, we want to make it as simple and uncomplicated as possible for you to make the switch.  Whether you are a newbie to the vaping world or a seasoned cloud chaser, we at Vapor Australia aim to give you access to the devices, juices and advice to keep you on the right track.

What is vaping?

Vaping is essentially, the use of a device (personal vaporiser) to heat up a liquid (e juice) causing it to turn into a vapor which the user then inhales. 

What are you actually breathing in?

Generally, e juice comprises of 3 or 4 simple ingredients.  Propelyn Glycol (also found in asthma puffers)  Vegetable glycerine (found in cooking products) and flavouring.  You may decide to add nicotine to the mixture.


The views of Vapor Australia are based on the research and personal knowledge of the owners. We recommend that you do your own research in order to draw your own conclusions about whether vaping is for you. Vaping is relatively knew and as such, the long term effects are unknown.  With this in mind, Vapor Australia can not be held liable for any misuse of our products or any health related issues that may arise out of their use. There is a lot of fear mongering out there so be cautious as to which sources you get your information from.  As always, we are here to offer friendly advice and guidance based on our own personal experiences. Our products are not suitable for pregnant woman or pets. Keep out of reach of children. 


You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase from Vapor Australia.  Any persons found to be purchasing products on behalf of a minor will be blocked from the site.